Triangolo erotico

Directed By: Antonio D'Agostino


Triangolo erotico is an Italian porn film from 1982, with a rather linear and banal plot. But it’s a porn movie and nobody cares about the plot.
Paolo is a university professor, married to Marisa (Nadine Roussial), but also in love with a student, Adele (Cathy Ménard). The professor intrigues his wife with some erotic fantasies and convinces her to live a menage-a-trois: him, her, and Adele. Things are going well and we are happy because we can admire beautiful lesbian scenes and exciting threesomes with Nadine Roussial and Cathy Ménard.
One day, while Adele is taking a bath, the maid Concetta (Sandy Samuel) enters. Concetta enters the bathroom, enters the tub, and enters with her tongue between Adele’s legs. Marisa sees them and throws Adele out of the house, jealous and furious.
While Paolo goes to look for Adele to clarify the situation, Marisa throws herself on the bed, drunk. Shortly after, Concetta arrives and we enjoy another lesbian scene, this time starring Nadine Roussial and Sandy Samuel. Concetta licks so well that Marisa decides to run away with her.
Paolo is heartbroken, but Adele consoles him by inviting him to a great orgy, in which a lot of actresses participate: Cathy Ménard, Elisabeth Bure, Guia Lauri Filzi, Pauline Teutscher, and Sabrina Mastrolorenzi.

Nude scenes