Bloody Moon

Directed By: Jesús Franco


Die Säge des Todes (AKA Bloody Moon) is a slasher by director Jesús Franco. Girls at a Spanish boarding school are killed one after another, and the killer is a disfigured psychopath. For the naked actresses, we have to wait 16 minutes. Ann-Beate Engelke, Corinna Drews, and Olivia Pascal sunbathe topless by the pool. Ten minutes later, Nadja Gerganoff wears a sheer white robe, letting us admire her perfect body. Eight minutes later, blonde Ann-Beate Engelke is in her room, undressing in front of the mirror. Unfortunately, behind her is the killer.
Later, Jasmin Losensky is lying in bed and pretending to have an orgasm. The girl is wearing a transparent shirt.

Nude scenes