Summer Night Fever

Directed By: Sigi Rothemund


German director Sigi Rothemund gives us a very funny summer comedy full of naked actresses: Summer Night Fever. Peter and Fredy leave for summer vacation in the direction of Ibiza. Fredy is forced to bring his sister Victoria (Olivia Pascal) along as well. The two guys would like to have sex with every girl they meet, but Victoria’s presence is limiting. Soon, however, Peter falls in love with her.
In the fourth minute a guy wakes up and next to him in bed is Uschi Zech, topless, sleeping. Eight minutes later a young Olivia Pascal undresses in front of a mirror in a hotel room bathroom. Four minutes later we watch Gesa Thoma naked as she has sex in bed with a man. A couple of minutes later Olivia Pascal is sitting in the back seats of a Volkswagen Beetle cabrio speeding down a scenic road by the sea. The actress takes off her shirt and remains topless. A van driver gets distracted to look at her boobs and runs off the road. In the next scene, the protagonists are on a yacht. Olivia has her breasts covered by a transparent bra. On deck, Bea Fiedler greets the breeze topless. We see Bea again two minutes later, doing a striptease in front of a group of guys sitting around a bonfire. When she is totally naked, the actress runs onto the beach and goes to dive into the sea. Six minutes later Bea Fiedler has sex with a guy on the shoreline. Three minutes later Claudine Bird is sunbathing topless on a crowded beach, her eyes closed under her sunglasses. A couple of guys approach her to admire her beautiful tits and take pictures. Claudine wakes up, laughs with them, and has them lie down next to her. Five minutes later a guy enters Olivia Pascal‘s hotel room and finds her in bed topless, asleep. The next morning Claudine Bird and a guy strip totally naked and take a swim in the sea. Someone steals their clothes and when they come out of the water they wander around naked looking for their clothes. The guy sneaks into a villa to steal a pair of pants. At first it seems that there is no one in the house, but unexpectedly Edwige Pierre and a man arrive and they are very horny. The guy hides under the bed and the two start fucking. Suddenly her husband arrives and her lover hides under the bed, finding himself next to the guy. Edwige has sex with her husband as well. Sixteen minutes later Betty Vergès shows us a full-frontal nude as she poses for photographs under a beach umbrella. Four minutes later, Olivia Pascal arrives at a beach full of beautiful topless girls and imitates them, attracting the attention of a couple of daring guys. Later, beautiful Olivia is sitting on a dune, topless, crying over the absence of the guy she likes (he is in a hot tub with naked Betty Vergès).

Nude scenes