Calde labbra

Directed By: Demofilo Fidani


Calde Labbra was presented to Italian viewers as the first film in which eroticism is not simulated. The presence of Claudine Beccarie, a French porn actress, made the statement even more interesting.
Francesca is a girl who lives with her mother. She hates men because she witnessed a very fiery embrace between her parents at a young age. This hatred makes her fall in love first with her French governess with her, then with her friend Monica with her, who rejects her.
The film offers us four beautiful nude actresses. Leonora Fani is the star; we can admire her alone, or in a lesbian scene with Claudine Beccarie. We also see her in a couple of sequences in the bathtub with Sofia Dionisio, sister of the more famous Silvia. Finally, Rosemarie Lindt plays Fani’s mother.
There are at least four versions of this film, from the soft one to the one with hardcore inserts.

Nude scenes