Caligula and Messalina

Directed By: Bruno Mattei, Jean-Jacques Renon


Seductive Messalina (Betty Roland) stops at nothing to become the most populous woman in Rome, but finds herself in conflict with Agrippina (Françoise Blanchard), who is plotting against her brother Caligula, to kill him and put her son in the head of the Roman Empire.
In 1981, directors Jean-Jacques Renon and Bruno Mattei (under the pseudonym Vincent Dawn) made yet another film dedicated to the perfidious emperor Caligula and Messalina, with a more than limited budget.
The film is made by putting together some cardboard scenography and several scenes taken from other films; the most evident is a gladiator scene, in which the arena changes appearance between one sequence and another. A long horse mating is taken from Walerian Borowczyk’s The Beast (La bête).
There are several versions of the film Caligula and Messalina (the original title is Caligula et Messaline).
There is a version with fewer nude sequences or made in a chaste version. And there is an X-Rated version, with more nude scenes or shot a second time in a hotter version (for example: in one scene Betty Roland has panties on, in the same scene in the x-rated version the actress is completely naked). The two versions Extended X-Rated Cut and Unrated Cut have recently been restored and presented in HD, but there is a third version, released only on DVD, which contains a few minutes of footage not present in the other two versions.
Let’s talk about naked actresses.
Betty Roland plays Messalina and gives us several interesting sequences. Full-frontal nudes, a bath in donkey milk, and even an intriguing lesbian scene with Fanny Magier (who plays her mother!).
Many other hot scenes are offered by Françoise Blanchard, who plays Agrippina. Blonde and sexy, Françoise is involved in some very exciting sex scenes, including a sexy ballet at the beginning of the film that exists in three different versions: with a golden bikini, totally naked, and totally naked, but in a longer version.
Finally, naked Kathy Sadik delights us with an erotic ballet. Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about this actress.

Nude scenes