Carabinieri (Season 1)

Directed By: Raffaele Mertes


Carabinieri is an Italian TV series that debuted in 2002 and continues for seven seasons, until 2008. It tells the adventures of one of the Italian police forces, the Carabinieri, and one of the peculiarities is that one of them is a woman. Until 2000, there were no women in the armed forces in Italy.
The two best sequences are those with Martina Colombari, who is also the only one who shows us her tits. Manuela Arcuri is the actress with the most scenes, but her big and perfect tits remain under her clothes, even if a couple of times we can see her hard nipples pushing.
A mature Erika Blanc, for lovers of the MILF (or maybe GILF) genre, shows us some breasts and some legs, in a still very intriguing body.

Nude scenes