Celestine, Maid at Your Service

Directed By: Jesús Franco


With Celestine, Maid at Your Service (the original title is Célestine… bonne à tout faire), Jesús Franco creates a remarkable erotic comedy in costume, with intriguing but also amusing sex scenes.
Celestina is a waitress who solves the sexual problems of her employers, but also of guests and colleagues. When everyone is satisfied, she leaves the house in search of new people to help.
The film gets off to a great start right away, with Lina Romay dressed only in a bodice that shows us her nakedness, tits, and pussy. Of course, the hot scenes don’t end there and the nudes are countless.
In order of appearance, Catherine Lafferière is the second to show us her tits, in a simulated oral sex scene. The list continues with Pamela Stanford, Monica Swinn, Anna Gladysek, and Nadine Pascal.

Nude scenes