Charley’s Onkel

Directed By: Werner Jacobs


Carla “Charley” Werner (Gila von Weitershausen) is a driving school instructor. The woman has a problem with her pupils, who keep touching her legs. Carla complains to her employer about her, but with little success, and she quits.
Charley’s Onkel is a 1969 German comedy, directed by Werner Jacobs. The nude scenes are not very many, but all interesting. Heidy Bohlen takes off her robe and shows us two fabulous boobs. Shortly after, Gila von Weitershausen comes to us in black stockings and see-through lingerie. Andrea Rau, who remains topless and in very long white leather boots, offers the third nude scene. A few moments later, we can still admire Andrea Rau naked, this time in a full-frontal nude.

Nude scenes