Frau Wirtin bläst auch gern Trompete nude scenes

Frau Wirtin bläst auch gern Trompete

Directed By: Franz Antel


Frau Wirtin bläst auch gern Trompete is the fourth film in the Susanne Delberg saga, which began with the film Susanne, die Wirtin von der Lahn.
The USA title is The Hostess Also Likes to Blow the Horn and the Italian one is Le piacevoli notti di Justine (the Italians changed the name of the main character from Susanne to Justine without an apparent reason). The film is an erotic comedy set in an Austrian village in 1800, shortly after the fall of Napoleon.
Susanne Delberg is played again by Teri Tordai, who strips as little as usual. Together with her, the actresses who take off their clothes are Andrea Rau, Elisabeth Felchner and Hannelore Auer.
Andrea Rau shows us her pussy in a sequence, when she undresses to get ready to bathe in a basin and when she runs completely naked from a group of men.

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