Ciao Darwin 3

Directed By: Beppe Recchia


As we have already written for the first and second editions, Ciao Darwin is a television program with games and quizzes. In each episode, two groups of people from two opposing categories face each other. Beautiful vs. ugly, mothers-in-law vs. daughters-in-law, transgressives vs. moralists, males vs. females, and so on. Each group is headed by a famous person.
There is a favorite moment: the lingerie parade of two contestants. Beautiful women, sometimes celebrities, show themselves in transparent lingerie to our happiness.
In the third season, we report the presence of Nathalie Caldonazzo, Eva Henger, Luana Ravegnini, Antonella Mosetti, Valentina Olla, Natalia Estrada, Eleonora Benfatto, Edelweiss and Manila Lazzaro.

Nude scenes