Directed By: Fabrizio Costa


Passioni is an Italian television series consisting of 42 episodes and aired in 1993. It tells the story of the Boldano family, faced with various vicissitudes as in any soap opera: sicknesses, betrayals, financial problems and misfortunes of various kinds. The cast is definitely full of prestigious names, but we nude celebrity lovers are mainly interested in that part of the female cast that has taken off her clothes, starting with Marina Giulia Cavalli, who can claim to have one of the most beautiful breasts on Italian television.
In the 25th minute of the first episode Francesca Rettondini enters a room with a man. She is drunk and the two start kissing. He uncovers her breasts, then they both start making out on the couch. The arrival of a woman interrupts them. In the next scene, naked Francesca Rettondini gets up from the couch and goes to hide in a closet, where she collapses drunk. In the thirty-seventh minute of the eighth episode we can see Marina Giulia Cavalli naked. A man undresses her and first we see her in black stockings and garters, then the actress uncovers her fantastic breasts. A few minutes later the actress is in bed with her partner, still naked, relaxing as a result of the fulfilling sex. When she gets up, she delights us with the sight of her beautiful ass. In episode 11, Nathalie Caldonazzo removes her leather jacket and pants and remains topless and in black panties, then lies in bed reading papers. Three minutes later a guy enters the room and finds her lying in bed and dozing, still topless. Toward the end of the episode a waiter falls into the pool and Nathalie takes off her bathrobe and dives topless into the water to save him, since he cannot swim. In the 40th minute of episode 12 Marina Giulia Cavalli is naked in the shower. A man reaches for her and she welcomes him with open arms, then the two have sex under the roaring water. We see Marina Giulia Cavalli‘s beautiful breasts again in episode 16. The actress wears only a green towel and man takes it off while he is kissing her. Soon after, the two are naked in bed, but she interrupts the outpouring and asks the man to leave. After many episodes without hot scenes, in the thirty-fifth episode we witness a sexy sequence with Fiorenza Tessari. In the thirty-sixth episode Marina Giulia Cavalli shows off a stunning cleavage. Unfortunately, we will not see more of this kind of footage in the following episodes.

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