Crimes of the Future

Directed By: David Cronenberg


In Crimes of the Future, director David Cronenberg tells us about a future we’re not sure we want to live in. Humanity has begun a biological evolution and we follow the exploits of the artist Saul Tenser, aided by his partner Caprice (Léa Seydoux). Saul organizes an art installation in which he orchestrates the growth of a new organ within his body.
Three nude actresses, three breathtaking full-frontal nudes. In the first scene, Léa Seydoux is lying completely naked on a strange technological bed in the shape of a shell. Shortly thereafter, she is hugging her man, still naked. Her body is a masterpiece of nature.
In the following scene, Tanaya Beatty and Nadia Litz undress and lie down, smiling on a shell, showing us their perfect bodies.

Nude scenes