Directed By: Lou Jeunet


We are in Paris in 1895. Pierre Louÿs is a Parisian poet and he’s in love with Marie de Heredia. She loves him too, but for convenience, she marries Henri De Régnier, Pierre’s best friend. Disappointed, the poet leaves for Algeria and meets Zohra, with whom he will have a romantic relationship and share his passion for erotic photography. A year later, Pierre returns to Paris with Zohra and meets Marie…
Curiosa is a film full of nude actresses and interesting sequences. Noémie Merlant, Camélia Jordana, Alexia Giordano and Mathilde Warnier give us several nude scenes and also a couple of very cute lesbian scenes, especially the scene where Camélia Jordana masturbates Noémie Merlant and kisses her boobs.

Nude scenes