Deadly Weapons

Directed By: Doris Wishman


Deadly Weapons is a 1974 sexploitation film, made by director Doris Wishman. Crystal (Chesty Morgan) owns an advertising agency. Her boyfriend is killed while trying to scam the underworld. Crystal avenges him, using the only weapons she knows how to use: her gigantic breasts.
In the first sequence, Chesty Morgan is sleeping. His gigantic boobs come out of her robe. Shortly thereafter, Chesty Morgan takes off her clothes and enters the bathtub. The following scene is dreamlike. Chesty Morgan remembers some good times with her boyfriend. Obviously, they are moments to the bare breasts.
Scene change: Chesty is in bed, wrapped in her huge tits. She gets up and strips, showing us her tits and ass. Five minutes later, Chesty is looking for a job at a nightclub and shows her resume by unbuttoning his shirt. Immediately assumed, a minute later, we watch her dance naked. Three minutes later, Chesty Morgan is still dancing, but it’s a private dance.
Later, there is a scene for the pantyhose fetishists. A quarter of an hour later, Chesty Morgan brings out his lethal weapons again. Before the end of the film, the actress gives us another nude scene.

Nude scenes