Deadwood (Season 3)

Directed By: Mark Tinker


The third season of this television series, set in a lawless city in the west, is also the last. A fourth season was originally planned, but it was not released.
In the second season of Deadwood, we met Robin Weigert as she dived into the bathtub. In season three, the first nude scene is a Robin Weigert performance, still in the bathtub. A few episodes later, we can enjoy a sapphic kiss between her and Kim Dickens.
For lovers of the chubby genre, there are nude sequences with Cynthia Ettinger, Sarah B. Lund, and Ashleigh Kizer. Two blondes, the other red, all three with two nice and big tits.
Towards the end of the season, a welcome return: Paula Malcomson, who lifts her skirt, giving us a full-frontal nude. Sarah Pachelli gives us the latest nude scene in the series.

Nude scenes