Deadwood (Season 1) nude scenes

Deadwood (Season 1)

Directed By: Walter Hill


Deadwood is a television series that takes us to the west of the late 19th century, a couple of weeks after the battle of the Little Bighorn, with the defeat of General Custer.
Deadwood is a newly formed city, not recognized by the state and where the law of the strongest applies. Criminals and prostitutes hang out on the streets. It is in the only saloon of the city, owned by Al Swearengen, that the events told in this first season take place.
Paula Malcomson is the first to take off her clothes and she gives us a couple of very intriguing full-frontal nudes. Kim Dickens doesn’t take off her clothes, but she shows off in a couple of very interesting lesbian sequences. The first time, she is together with two strangers who are taking a bath; the second, in bed with a sexy Kristen Bell. Other nude actresses are Bethalyn Staples and Molly Parker.

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