Derrière le miroir sans tain nude scenes

Derrière le miroir sans tain

Directed By: Jean-Claude Roy


Sam is a writer. Her editor wants an erotic book, but Sam has no imagination. He starts watching a porn movie with his wife. A friend of his wife joins the two and the duo becomes a trio. Then it becomes a quartet.
We like vintage hardcore from the 70s and 80s, especially Italian and French. Derrière le miroir sans tain is French, 1982, and has a lot of very, very exciting sequences. Lovers of the lesbian genre will be happy because there are so many scenes. Carole Pierac performs lesbian sequences with Cathy Ménard, Isabelle Brell and Emmanuelle Berdier. Obviously there are also the other ingredients of good porn: blowjobs, threesome, oral sex, double penetration…

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