Diakopes ke Party me Ouza

Directed By: Sotiris Nikakis


Diakopes ke Party me Ouza (also known as The Seduction of My Father) is a rare and interesting Greek hardcore film made in the mid-1980s by director Sotiris Nikakis. Two sisters spend their summer vacation on a Greek island, at their mother’s house. Here, the girls have sex with anyone, including their stepfather.
The film opens with a long lesbian scene between Marja Armi and an unknown actress, probably Greek. Four minutes later we attend another sexual performance by Marja Armi, this time with a man. Five minutes later, Guia Lauri Filzi has sex with her young partner. The scene begins with a blowjob and ends with one of this actress’ rare anal. Ten minutes later, Marja Armi gives a blowjob on the balcony to a man.
A couple of minutes later, Guia Lauri Filzi is engaged in a long and intriguing sexual performance with numerous position changes. Later we witness a threesome consisting of Marja Armi, a man, and the unknown actress from the first scene.
The final orgy, a great classic of 80s porn cinema, is not missing. The female participants are Antonella Simonetti, Marja Armi, and the unknown woman seen earlier.

Nude scenes