Diamonds of Kilimandjaro nude scenes

Diamonds of Kilimandjaro

Directed By: Jesús Franco, Olivier Mathot


Diamonds of Kilimandjaro (original title El tesoro de la diosa blanca) opens with a plane crash. The pilot and a white girl named Diana are the survivors. The girl becomes the goddess of a primitive tribe. Surely a goddess of beauty, since she’s the beautiful German actress Katja Bienert.
Diana lives in peace with her people until some adventurers come in search of diamonds. The indigenous Noba, played by Aline Mess, doesn’t trust them, but Diana falls in love with one of the group.
Katja Bienert and Aline Mess show us only her tits, but Mari Carmen Nieto takes care of raising the nudometer, showing us some very interesting full frontal nudes.

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