Emmanuelle 4

Directed By: Francis Leroi, Iris Letans


Today we go on with the fourth chapter in Emmanuelle serie, that means many clips and a review on Emmanuelle IV. In this movie the fascinating Sylvia Kristel passes the witness to the new actress that will be the new Emmanuelle: Mia Nygren. Starting with this movie, the actresses that have the role of Emmanuelle always change in every movie. To find a new continuative Emmanuelle, we need to wait until tv-movie Emmanuelle Forever, with the arrival of Marcela Walerstein. Enjoy with these new videos from Emmanuelle IV. We’re sure you’ll love Mia Nygren if you haven’t seen her yet. Next to Nigren, other notable nude celebrities: Sonja Martin, Brinke Stevens and Sophie Berger.

Nude scenes