Emmanuelle 4

Directed By: Francis Leroi, Iris Letans


After the “original trilogy” of Emmanuelle, which chronicled the stories fictionalized by writer Emmanuelle Arsan, a very long journey began for this erotic character, consisting of dozens of films. Emmanuelle IV is the first in a long series and sees the passing of the baton from Sylvia Kristel to Mia Nygren, a beautiful actress who later disappeared after only one more film.
It has been six years since the end of Goodbye Emmanuelle. The film begins with Emmanuelle played by Sylvia Kristel, who is at a party in Beverly Hills. At this party is an old flame of hers, a toxic relationship that Emmanuelle doesn’t want to rekindle. At this point, she devises a plausible solution: she runs away from the party, takes a cab, goes to the airport, flies to Brazil, and gets a total body transplant, becoming Mia Nygren!
Emmanuelle has to get used to her new body, which is a virgin. She goes to a party, where she sees Aline Mess performing oral sex on Sonja Martin. Mia Nygren spies on them and masturbates. A couple of days later Emmanuelle is a guest at another party, where she finds one of her former partners. Of course, he doesn’t recognize her but strips her completely naked in front of everyone. During the party, Mia Nygren undresses a couple more times.
A very interesting sequence with Marilyn Jess follows. The woman is swinging on a swing in the rain. Her white dress gets soaked with water and becomes transparent. A man joins her and the two have sex on the lawn. This scene also exists in a hardcore version, but it was cut for numerous distributions of the film. Soon after, Sophie Berger delights us with a full-frontal nude. Three minutes later, Mia Nygren has sex with a man in a barn. After a couple more hot sequences with Mia Nygren, we return to Marilyn Jess. Again, this is a sequence made in a hardcore version and then cut. Later we admire a lesbian sex scene between Mia Nygren and Sonja Martin in the jungle. In the same jungle, there is a hardcore scene with Dominique Saint Claire. Two minutes later more frugal sex, with Mia Nygren fucking a man on the turf. Toward the end of the film, Emmanuelle also has sex with her psychologist. We admire Mia Nygren sprinkling gold dust on Deborah Power‘s naked body.

Nude scenes