The Divine Nymph

Directed By: Giuseppe Patroni Griffi


The Divine Nymph (Divina creatura) takes place in Rome in the 1920s. Manuela Roderighi (Laura Antonelli) is a charming woman, disputed between two suitors, as well as a frequenter of a brothel.
Laura Antonelli totally naked, lying on the sofa, with a cigarette between her fingers, is one of the most erotic scenes of Italian cinema of that historical period. She is beautiful and sensual, with inviting hips and generous breasts. Two minutes of excitement in which Laura Antonelli reminds us of Goya’s Maja Desnuda.
The second scene with Laura Antonelli nude is equally intriguing. The diva is sitting on the bed wearing her partner’s shirt. Below the shirt, Laura is wearing nothing, and her breasts peek out as she is chatting with her man. When the actress stands up, we can admire a stunning full-frontal nude.
In the third scene, Laura is not naked, but she’s wearing pearl-colored stockings, very hot. In Laura Antonelli’s fourth – and sadly last – hot scene, we can admire the actress in black stockings as she slips her hands into a man’s pants.
In the film, the blonde Rita Silva also shows us her breasts, in a scene in the last minutes.

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