Directed By: Lorenzo Onorati


Donna? it’s a very rare film. Directed by John Mazzanti, which should be a pseudonym used by the director Lorenzo Onorati. There is very little information on this film and it is very interesting for fans of Gala Orlova and Monica Seller (aka Monica Carpanese).
Fred is a successful photographer. During a lingerie photoshoot, he falls in love with model Luana (Gala Orlova). The two have sex, but the photographer’s girlfriend, Natasha (Monica Seller) discovers them and breaks up with Fred. Days later, Fred and Luana are making love, and Luana’s partner breaks into the house. Fred stuns him with a blow to the head and the two run away from the house. The next day they find out in the newspapers that the man is dead. But is he really dead?
Gala Orlova strips a lot in this movie and gives us some fabulous full-frontal nudes. This woman has two beautiful boobs. Monica Seller is engaged in some very intriguing sex descents. She also shows us breathtaking full-frontal nudes.

Nude scenes