Directed By: Jesús Franco


In Puerto Rico, a penniless private detective is hired by a woman (Lina Romay) to take photographs of her husband, a nightclub owner.
Jesús Franco is a director known for framing close-ups of pussies, and in this film he takes this characteristic to the max. The film opens with a performance by Lina Romay in a night club. She is half naked, wearing black stockings and rolling around on a white carpet. Six minutes later we witness another performance in the night club. Martina Domingo dances wearing only stockings and lingerie. Almost immediately the woman removes her bra. After another four minutes the detective is photographing Martine Stedil naked having sex with a man on a red couch. Later the detective goes to report to Lina Romay, who receives him naked. As he talks, she listens to him with her legs spread. The camera lingers on her pussy and black stockings. The next scene is another performance by Lina Romay at the night club, very similar to the one seen at the beginning of the film. A couple of minutes later the detective is in the bathtub. Beni Cardoso joins him, takes off his bathrobe and prepares to enter the water. Eight minutes later, Lina Romay and Martine Stedil give us a long and exciting lesbian scene. Next we find the detective in bed with Beni Cardoso and soon after with Lina Romay in red lingerie. Two minutes later Lina and the detective join Martine Stedil, who is naked and lying on a circular-shaped couch. A threesome ensues, but the man remains clothed. Thirteen minutes later we enjoy another lesbian scene with the two actresses. Then it’s Beni Cardoso‘s turn, who five minutes later is lying naked on a bed.

Nude scenes