E tanta paura

Directed By: Paolo Cavara


A prostitute strangles a client of hers. After this murder, there are many others. Each time, the killer leaves an illustration from a children’s book at the scene. The serial killer cannot be the prostitute, because she is burned alive within minutes of the movie. A police inspector tries to find some logic in what is happening.
Mary Ruth League takes off her clothes in the tenth minute and gives us a sex scene. We can admire her perfect breasts and ass. Bianca Toso takes off her nurse dress after 22 minutes and stays in exciting lilac lingerie. After 41 minutes of the film, Daniela Grassini takes off her clothes in front of two men. The actress also gives us a full-frontal nude, but it is framed from a distance.
Corinne Cléry is the lead actress, but we have to wait almost fifty minutes to see her naked, in an exciting sex scene.

Nude scenes