Easy Living – La vita facile

Directed By: Orso Miyakawa, Peter Miyakawa


The protagonists of Easy Living – La vita facile are a trio of inhomogeneous characters. Camilla (Camilla Semino Favro) smuggles medicines and cigarettes between Italy and France, Brando is her teenage brother, and Don is a womanizer tennis teacher. The three decide to help an undocumented immigrant trip to France to reunite with his pregnant wife.
In the film, we can also enjoy some interesting nude scenes. The tennis teacher masturbates Caterina Molino in the locker room. Later, Camilla Semino Favro shows off an amazing topless. Towards the end of the film we can admire Camilla Semino Favro naked again; this time she is being portrayed by a painter.

Nude scenes