El jovencito Drácula

Directed By: Carlos Benpar


A woman (Susana Estrada) inherits Count Dracula’s castle because she’s a descendant of him. The Count disagrees, as he was intent on leaving his inheritance to his great-grandson Jonathan Dracula.
After fourteen minutes, we can admire Susana Estrada and Verónica Miriel naked. The former is showering, the latter is cooking. A moment later, the two actresses are sprinkling each other with chocolate. Twenty-five minutes later, Susana Estrada strips again, as a guest in a castle. Verónica Miriel doesn’t undress but wears a transparent robe. A few minutes later, a satanic ritual is an opportunity to admire both actresses naked. A little later, Marina Ferri gladdens the viewers with a sensual striptease.
Twelve minutes later, Norma Kerr stars in a very sexy sequence. The following nude is by Marina Ferri, who shows us a fabulous pair of boobs.

Nude scenes