El mirón y la exhibicionista nude scenes

El mirón y la exhibicionista

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There are many online query about the erotic myth Lina Romay, due to the recent death of this beautiful woman, too.

We decided to satisfy our users with a little jewel that we add to our big archive of clips. This little jewel is the complete review of the movie El mirón y la exhibitionista – with many clips to illustrate it. It is a hardcore movie directed by Jesus Franco in 1986 and interpreted by Lina Romay. Both the director and the actress choose Lulu Laverne as nickname. For all those wondering if there are hardcore scenes with Lina Romay, here is the answer: yes. And the answer is due not only to this movie, to be honest. This is a very rare movie: it was never distributed as VHS and the only edition was a DVD attached to a spanish magazine, “Inteviù”.