Electric Blue UK – Vol. 2

Directed By: Adam Cole


Second monograph dedicated to Electric Blue UK, pre-internet masturbatory material on VHS. We told you about this project in the first monograph, which reviewed the first ten issues. In this monograph, we deal with issues 11 through 20.
The late Kitten Natividad is a stewardess who entertains airplane passengers with her big boobs, aided by colleagues Lois Ayres and Michelle Bauer. Meanwhile, passenger Julia Parton reads a book and masturbates.
Paula King masturbates on a couch while thinking about her nudist day at the beach. A burglar breaks into Bridgette Monet‘s house and she pushes him into sex. Sylvia Wright and an unknown brunette douse each other with whipped cream. Charlie Dean and Karen Thornton engage in an exciting lesbian threesome with an unknown model. Nurse Barbara Peckinpaugh relieves one of her patients. Vicky Scott does a great imitation of Marilyn Monroe. Candy Samples, Julia Parton, and a few other girls star in a parody of Charlie’s Angels (the Bobby’s Boobies). Debra Lynn and Stacey Donovan switch partners. Taija Rae gives a massage with a happy ending.
We can then enjoy a long softcore scene with porn star Shauna Grant, a photo shoot of Nikki Randall and Pippi Anderson, another softcore scene with Laurie Smith, Pauline Lee masturbating, Michelle Bauer in punk makeup and a sexy parachute costume, Colleen Brennan having phone sex…
Plus Helen Masters, Diane Hasnip, Amanda Chaler, Ginger Lynn, Lisa Spencer, Jo Phillips, Roxanne Rollan, Stephanie Laine, Tina Shaw, Felicity Stewart, Christy Canyon, Debee Ashby, and Amber Lynn.

Nude scenes