Emanuelle in America

Directed By: Joe D'Amato


After Emanuelle Nera and Emanuelle Nera – Orient Reportage, the saga continues with Emanuelle in America. This is certainly the best movie of the entire saga, which comprises eight films. The film is a mix of various genres, from erotic to horror, from thriller to adventurous, to hardcore in the uncut version.
The reporter Emanuelle is involved in various adventures in New York, the Caribbean, and South America, but also in Africa, despite the title.
This is the second film in the saga made by Joe D’Amato, known around the world with several titles. In France it’s Black Emanuelle en Amérique, in West Germany, it’s Black Emanuelle – Stunden wilder Lust and in the United States, it’s titled Emanuelle around the world.
As we said, the uncut version contains some hardcore sequences made for the foreign market. In contrast to many films of the time, in which they inserted porn scenes from pre-existing archives, starring unknown actresses, Joe D’Amato shot the scenes in this film during production, with some of the leading actresses.
But let’s go in order.
There are many nude scenes, and the list of nude actresses is very long.
The first to undress in the film is Stefania Nocilli, who plays a model. Shortly after, we can admire Laura Gemser naked, in the first of the many hot scenes of this actress.
Among the many sequences with Laura Gemser, we point out the hottest. Laura Gemser meets the “Zodiac Girls” and they take a lesbian bath in the pool. The girls are Barbara Lay, Karina Verlier, Koike Mahoco, Lorraine De Selle, Maria Renata Franco, and Ulla Johannsen.
Laura Gemser and Lorraine De Selle are naked in the sauna, massaging each other.
Paola Senatore and Laura Gemser engaged in a breathtaking threesome. Paola Senatore is beautiful, with two phenomenal boobs.
A fight between Maria Piera Regoli and Laura Gemser turns into a lesbian moment.
Other interesting scenes to report: Renate Kasché masturbating in front of a man disguised as Zorro, a rare nude by Matilde Dall’Aglio, and an orgy in a villa with Gota Gobert and several naked actresses we don’t know.
There are three hard scenes played by Marina Hedman (blowjob and doggy style), Cristina Minutelli (threesome, with double blowjob), and Eleni Stavrou (blowjob). The latter is totally unknown to us and we relied on the identification carried out by the EGAFD guys.

Nude scenes