Emanuelle in Bangkok

Directed By: Joe D'Amato


Emanuelle nera – Orient Reportage (the international title is Emanuelle in Bangkok) is the second chapter of the Emanuelle Nera saga, played by the beautiful Laura Gemser.
The photojournalist Emanuelle travels between Venice, Bangkok, and Casablanca for her reportage. In Bangkok, the woman meets Prince Sanit, who teaches her how to achieve her perfect orgasm.
This film, like all the others in Emanuelle’s long saga, is a set of erotic scenes united by a thin plot. The main reason for its success is the Indonesian actress Laura Gemser, beautiful and sensual, always smiling. Laura Gemser is involved in a variety of erotic sequences, including some very hot lesbian scenes.
The first nude scene comes after seven minutes of the film. Laura Gemser has sex with her partner in a hotel room. From now on, the nudes are constant. Laura Gemser undresses in front of a hotel waiter, gets massaged several times, bribes an official by showing him her tits, takes baths and showers, and loads of fucking.
Among the best scenes, we point out Koike Mahoco who gives a soapy massage to Laura Gemser, the soft orgy involving Ely Galleani, Koike Mahoco and Laura Gemser, a lesbian scene between Ely Galleani and Laura Gemser in the bathroom of an airplane, a threesome with Gaby Bourgois and Laura and two beautiful lesbian sequences with Debra Berger and Laura Gemser.

Nude scenes