Emanuelle Pretty Woman

Directed By: Lorenzo Onorati


Emanuelle Pretty Woman is the first hardcore film by the beautiful and busty Emanuelle Cristaldi, an Italian actress who worked in porn during the early 1990s. It’s directed by Lorenzo Onorati and the plot is nonexistent.
The action starts right after the opening credits. Lori Ghidini performs in a nightclub, inside a transparent bathtub. Sheila Stone has sex with a man and then blows him. Emanuelle Cristaldi is in bed, half-naked, just waking up. She gets up and dresses very provocatively.
After another softcore sequence of Lori Ghidini in the bathtub, we can get turned on by the mysterious Stefy Fard, who has only acted in this film. The actress is fucking doggy style but ends the intercourse with a blowjob. Finally, leading lady Emanuelle Cristaldi arrives, and we find her engaged in a fabulous blowjob, culminating with a come on her big tits. A few minutes later Emanuelle Cristaldi engages in a second blowjob, this time on the seashore.
The action shifts again to Sheila Stone, who is having anal sex with a guy.
In the disco, Lori Ghidini is still performing in the clear bathtub. Surrounding her is an awkward boy who hints at some sensual dance moves. Later, Sheila Stone and Stefy Fard also join the show.
Meanwhile, Emanuelle Cristaldi is delivering her third blowjob, in bed.

Nude scenes