I segreti di Lory

Directed By: Oliver Buzz


I segreti di Lory is a very rare film starring Lori Ghidini, released only on VHS. The tape contains some softcore scenes shot by director Oliver Buzz. The scenes are disconnected from each other, and the first sequence is a TV excerpt in which Lori Ghidini undresses in front of a group of journalists, probably in Cannes.
Other interesting sequences follow. In the first, Lori takes a shower by the sea. In the second, Lori is completely naked at the helm of a ship. The sequences at the sea end with Lori Ghidini lying on the seats of a ferry. The actress caresses herself between her legs.
The following scene is an unedited shot from the film Emanuelle Pretty Woman. It features Lori Ghidini and Sheila Stone. This is followed by a threesome with hints of BDSM. Lori Ghidini is in bed with two men. After a few softcore minutes, the sequence abruptly stops and we witness interminable minutes of black film. Some assume that there are hardcore sequences of the actress, deleted and never released, but we are unable to give a definite answer to these doubts.
The actress returns to the beach, and now we watch her completely naked, lying on the shoreline. After another few minutes of black tape, suddenly we find Lori’s ass in front of our eyes. The girl is masturbating, kneeling on the ground. Lori lies on the floor and we get an exceptional view of the actress’ pussy as she is masturbating. This is probably the most intense hot scene of this actress. Unfortunately, it’s very brief, and we return to the black film.
There follows a brief lesbian scene between Lori Ghidini (in a curly wig) and a girl named Mercedes. Then, for another eighteen minutes, the videotape presents a black screen. In the background we first hear the moans of Lori and Mercedes, then nothing more.

Nude scenes