Emmanuelle Pie

Directed By: Rolfe Kanefsky


Emmanuelle 2000: Emmanuelle Pie is one of the films that compose the Emmanuelle 2000 saga, and parts of this film merged into another title: Pretty Cool. A man uses a mind control tool to gain sexual advantages, but Emmanuelle (Holly Sampson) intervenes to stop him. We are in a school setting, and in fact the title of the film references that of a well-known saga.
In the fourteenth minute, Cecilia Bergqvist has sex with a man on her office desk. Five minutes later, Cindy Campbell and Summer Altice have sex with a man in a hot tub. Holly Sampson is connected to them by an amulet and masturbates. In the next scene, Holly Sampson masturbates and connects to Alexis Thorpe, who has erotic dreams. Later, Holly Sampson plays a professor who is giving a private lesson to a student, in a classroom, in front of a blackboard. He is sitting on the desk and she is undressing, then they have sex. Four minutes later, four naked actresses are in the locker room, and the mind control tool makes them very horny. Brandy Miller, Darby Daniels, Sandy Wasko, and Stacy Burke are touching and kissing each other, then a guy comes into the locker room and they jump on him excitedly. Five minutes later, Cecilia Bergqvist cannot resist an erotic urge and masturbates in a bar bathroom. Six minutes later, Holly Sampson and a guy have sex surrounded by aquariums. After seven minutes, Nancy O’Brien gives us a fabulous full-frontal nude and dives into the pool, where she has sex with a guy. Meanwhile, Amy Brassette has connected to a cat (!) with the mental sex device and is now having sex in a nightclub bathroom with a guy. Throughout the fuck the actress meows.

Nude scenes