Pretty Cool

Directed By: Rolfe Kanefsky


Let’s start from the end. For those who feel like they’ve seen some Pretty Cool scenes before: you’re not crazy. Emmanuelle 2000: Emmanuelle Pie is a re-edited version of this movie, with the plot modified to fit Emmanuelle‘s brand and several sex scenes added.
Let’s go back to Pretty Cool. A nerdy student creates a device to read people’s minds and control their thoughts. Obviously, everything takes a sexual direction, then the trouble begins. Unlike Emmanuelle Pie, there are few nudes here, but we can still enjoy some beautiful nude actresses: Cecilia Bergqvist, Summer Altice, Amy Brassette, Cindy Campbell, Holly Sampson, Sandrine Amsellem, Brandy Miller, Darby O’Riley, Sandy Wasko, and Stacy Burke.

Nude scenes