Directed By: Just Jaeckin


Beautiful Emmanuelle (Sylvia Kristel) is traveling to Bangkok with her libertine husband. The woman experiments with the ways of pleasure, indulging in every possible transgression. The plot can be summed up in these few words, yet Emmanuelle, based on Emmanuelle Arsan’s novel of the same name, has spawned one of cinema’s longest-running sagas.
After the opening credits, Sylvia Kristel goes to answer the phone. She is wearing a robe with nothing underneath, and when she sits down we see the film’s first full-frontal nude. The phone call announces a trip to Thailand, and a few minutes later Emmanuelle is having sex with her husband in a Bangkok bed, spied on by servants. After sex, some relaxation by the pool with other nude actresses. Sylvia Kristel is tanning completely nude and is joined by Jeanne Colletin, topless. The women exchange a few words, then Sylvia dives into the water. Christine Boisson imitates her, and she too shows off a fabulous full-frontal nude. Two minutes later, Christine Boisson and Sylvia Kristel are sitting across from each other. Christine masturbates while Sylvia watches her, then it’s Sylvia’s turn to masturbate. Immediately after, Sylvia tells about a sexual adventure she had during an airplane flight.
Seven minutes later, Jeanne Colletin tries to seduce Sylvia Kristel after a match of squash. The seduction works and Sylvia allows Jeann to kiss her breasts and place a hand between her thighs.
Fourteen minutes in, Emmanuelle is on a tour of Thailand with archaeologist Bee (Marika Green). The first stop is a nude swim at waterfalls, then the two have sex. Meanwhile, Jeanne Colletin lifts her skirt in front of a man to show him that she’s not wearing underwear. Of course, the two have sex immediately afterward. After a couple of minutes, Sylvia and Jeanne are taking off their clothes in the locker room of the squash court.
In the last minutes of the film, Emmanuelle is introduced to Mario, one of the world’s greatest lovers. The man teaches her the art of sex, which apparently means fucking strangers found in the worst dive bars in Bangkok.

Nude scenes