Identificazione di una donna

Directed By: Michelangelo Antonioni


Identificazione di una donna (AKA Identification of a Woman) is the last feature film by the great Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni. A director is looking for inspiration for a film and believes he has found it in Maria Vittoria (Daniela Silverio). After receiving an anonymous threat from someone unhappy with the relationship, the director stops seeing the woman and meets Ida (Christine Boisson). Things do not go well with her either.
In the thirteenth minute Daniela Silverio stands topless on the bed. She invites a man to follow her, then gets under the covers. One minute later we admire Daniela Silverio. naked and lying in bed, with the man’s head between her legs. He performs oral sex on her and she moans with pleasure, then the two have sex. Eighteen minutes later, the actress is lying on the bed wearing only her panties. A man puts his hand between her legs and starts massaging. She turns over on her stomach and he pulls off her panties, then starts masturbating her. We watch Daniela Silverio moan and enjoy as the man holds his hand between her legs. After coming, she kisses him and hugs him. Eight minutes later there is a short scene with the naked actress drying herself with a red towel next to a bathtub. Twenty-two minutes later Daniela is playing under the covers with a man. The two roll around in the white cloth and we admire a full-frontal nude of the actress. Twenty-eight minutes later, the camera frames Christine Boisson naked, sitting on the toilet. In the following scene she gets dressed and meanwhile talks to a man.

Nude scenes