Emmanuelle: One Final Fling

Directed By: Jean-Jacques Lamore


Emmanuelle: One Final Fling (AKA Emmanuelle: One Last Fling) is the sixth film in the Emmanuelle in Space series. The series consists of seven films, but the final chapter – Emmanuelle: The Meaning of Love – is made up of scenes extracted from the previous films.
In the first film, Emmanuelle (Krista Allen) had a close encounter with aliens. The woman boarded their spaceship and since then has been teaching them the pleasures of terrestrial sex. She and the aliens (who are identical to Earthlings) frequently come down to our planet to have some sex. In the fourth film there was a plot development, with Emmanuelle falling in love with the alien Haffron and the extraterrestrials being hunted by the military, but this story was soon forgotten. In this latest chapter Emmanuelle is traveling on a boat on the Nile with a fashion service crew. The woman discovers that the captain of the boat is a notorious jewel thief. After the first eight minutes, we witness an interesting orgy of men and women. Participants include Debra K. Beatty, Holly Hollywood, Jennifer Burton, Lori Morrissey, and Tiendra Demian. One minute later, Jennifer Burton is lying naked on a couch while a man kisses her back and ass. Six minutes later, Krista Allen has sex with a man on a bed behind a fishing net. Three minutes later we witness a beautiful lesbian scene with Krista Allen and Tiendra Demian. After another three minutes Krista is in the shower with a man. It doesn’t take much imagination to guess what they do after the shower. Two minutes later, more sex. Priscilla Choi is the Asian lead in the next sex scene, on a couch. After Priscilla comes back Krista, who has sex with a man and then takes a shower. The next morning the two have more sex.
Toward the end of the film the plot of the army stalking aliens returns. Emmanuelle and Haffron say goodbye with a heartbreaking embrace.
As written above, the series concludes with a seventh film. However, all the nude scenes are taken from the previous six.

Nude scenes