Emmanuelle: First Contact

Directed By: Lev L. Spiro


Emmanuelle: First Contact (AKA Emmanuelle, Queen of the Galaxy) is the first in a new series of TV movies dedicated to the character Emmanuelle, born from the pen of Emmanuelle Arsan. Twenty years have passed since the release of the first film. Six more films and a seven-episode French TV series have followed. With this, a new film series entitled Emmanuelle in Space begins. Emmanuelle is played by Krista Allen and teaches sex to aliens!
At the beginning of the film, Krista Allen is fucking a guy. In the seven minutes that follow, Emmanuelle picks up a hitchhiker and after some vicissitudes discovers that he’s an alien, who takes her to his spaceship. The extraterrestrials are here to study the sexual habits of human beings. Emmanuelle is more than happy to help.
After a long fuck, Emmanuelle takes the alien to the French Quarter to provide him with more erotic teachings. Thanks to the alien technologies, the woman takes the form of Deena Casiano and has sex with a guy at a party. At the same time, the alien has sex with blond Shari Eckert. The sexual performances are monitored by the alien spaceship. Later, Emmanuelle plays a game with the alien: she will have sex with him again, but he will have to be able to identify her because she will transform into other women. In other words, he must be able to recognize her personality rather than her looks and blah blah blah. The alien meets Jennifer Behr on a cruise ship and thinks it’s Emmanuelle. He has sex with her, but it’s not Emmanuelle. Later he has sex with Jane Stone, but she’s not Emmanuelle either. The third try is Peg London, a beautiful red-haired girl. After this third fuck, we find out that Emmanuelle was Jennifer Behr. Okay, on to the next lesson. Emmanuelle brings another alien to earth, to a recently divorced friend of hers (Kristen Knittle). Of course, the two have sex. The film draws to a close. Emmanuelle‘s friend returns with her husband and everyone is happily ever after, ready for the next adventure.

Nude scenes