Emmanuelle vs. Dracula

Directed By: Rolfe Kanefsky


It has been a long time since the first Emmanuelle, and probably in her thousands of incarnations she has lost some of her identity, but fortunately the erotic charge has not been extinguished. In the early 2000s a series of seven TV films was made, grouped under the title Emmanuelle: The Private Collection or Emmanuelle Private Collection. The second of these films should be Emmanuelle vs. Dracula. Emmanuelle, played by Natasja Vermeer, finds herself facing even the prince of darkness after one of her servants shows up at a bachelorette party, wreaking havoc. Soon all the bridesmaids also become vampires, and it is up to Emmanuelle to sort things out.
To be fair, many sex scenes are shown in a tense editing and in deep darkness, making it difficult to see the actresses naked and often even understand what is happening. Fortunately, there are some sequences that are easier to understand. In the 21st minute, Molinee Green gets aroused and imagines herself being kissed and fondled by Kelsey Heart and other girls. It is a vampire that has crept into her thoughts. Molinee moans with pleasure and finally enjoys herself, then goes to take a shower. While under the water, Molinee Green masturbates thinking back to the previous scene. A minute later, the vampire is also in the shower, having sex with the actress. After the shower, and a bite on the neck, Molinee Green returns to the group of friends very horny, wearing sexy lingerie and black stockings. Then, she joins the dancers they hired for the bachelorette party. In a somewhat confusing scene, Molinee rubs up against the two men while three friends (Beverly Lynne, Kelsey Heart, and Valerie Baber) watch her. Shortly thereafter, Kelsey Heart and Valerie Baber get excited and begin undressing and kissing on the couch, in front of the astonished gaze of the other friend. Beverly Lynne leaves to another room, where she meets the vampire and has sex with him. One by one the girls fall victim to the vampire, except Emmanuelle/Natasja Vermeer, who manages to drive a stake through his chest. At this point Dracula himself appears. We finally see Natasja Vermeer naked, riding the prince of darkness, while around her there is a lesbian orgy with all her friends. At the climax of the intercourse, the woman drives a stake through the vampire’s heart, her friends become human again, and all’s well that ends well.

Nude scenes