Erótica: Luz de Luna

Directed By: Carlos Bolado, Enrique Arroyo, Fernando Sariñana


Erótica: Luz de Luna tells three stories united by some characters in common, which intersect and talk about sexual freedom and romance at different ages. The film’s first nude actress is Sharon Zundel. We see her masturbating in front of her husband’s camera after the opening credits. Afterward, they have sex. The two are experimenting with alternative forms of sexuality and incorporating other people into their sessions. Later, Sharon Zundel is engaged in a lesbian sequence with Shakti Urrutía, which turns into an exciting threesome. In the film, Sharon Zundel appears once again in a trio, this time with two men. Another story stars a sexy nurse played by Alejandra Ambrosi, doing a striptease in front of a friend’s camera. The woman is looking for an orgasm, and perhaps she finds it in the following scene, in which she has sex with a man. In the third story, young people in their twenties are involved. Natalia Schumacher is the first to undress, totally naked in the pool. The next scene features Natalie Schumacher, Diana Sedano, and a guy. Finally, a nice sex scene with Gloria Navarro in the doggy style.

Nude scenes