Directed By: Fausto Brizzi


The film tells the stories of six couples, in the time period from Christmas to Valentine’s Day. It’s a very funny comedy, which also gives us a hint of delicate eroticism.
The first boobs are those of Cécile Cassel, engaged in an erotic game with her partner. He plays a cop, she plays a thief caught in the act. Afterward, Claudia Gerini runs on the beach in a very sexy bikini. Later, we get excited again with Cécile Cassel. She doesn’t take off her clothes, but she wears a very intriguing black leather dress.
A few minutes later, Martina Pinto is having sex with her boyfriend, but the two are sadly interrupted by her father, who breaks into her bedroom.
In another interesting scene, Cristiana Capotondi is in a videoconference with her boyfriend, and she frames her private parts to make him aroused. He is working in the office, and it could get embarrassing.
Shortly after we are in a nightclub. One of the protagonists is ordering a drink from the sexy bartender Anna Fusco, while Valentina Valsania is at the pole dance pole. In the following scene, we are still in the nightclub, with Fulvia Lorenzetti in a sadomasochistic version and Valentina Valsania who is the birthday present for a bachelor party.
Another scene: a swimming pool full of beautiful women, where we find Giorgia Wurth and Claudia Gerini, both in sexy bikinis.
The film ends with Cristiana Capotondi naked, making love with her boyfriend.

Nude scenes