Fanny Lye Deliver’d

Directed By: Thomas Clay


Fanny (Maxine Peake) lives on an English farm in 1657, when Puritan extremists are in government. One day a couple of guys arrive at her farm and several things change.
In the third minute, Tanya Reynolds runs totally naked through a forest at night in a very short sequence. Four minutes later we see Tanya Reynolds naked in another short scene. A naked guy approaches a house, then calls out to Tanya, who runs toward him. Fifty-seven minutes later a guy standing behind Tanya opens her dress and pulls out her breasts. Tanya then strips totally naked and kneels on the bed with her breasts and bush in view. Maxine Peake joins her and Tanya helps her undress, then kisses her. Soon after, a guy joins them for a threesome. Maxine stands in the middle. She kisses Tanya and meanwhile grabs the guy’s (prosthetic) cock with one hand behind her.

Nude scenes