Filhos e Amantes

Directed By: Francisco Ramalho Jr.


Filhos e Amantes is a Brazilian film from the early 80s, inspired by a famous novel by D. H. Lawrence. Three couples get together for a weekend in a country house, where one couple has been living a hippie-style existence for some time.
The weekend takes a bad turn, with drugs, quarrels, and betrayals.
In the film, we can admire four exquisite nude actresses.
Denise Dumont strips in a couple of sequences; in the first, she is in bed with a man, and in the second she is bathing naked under a waterfall with Rosina Malbouisson and a boy.
Lúcia Veríssimo undresses in four sequences, all of which are interesting, and she also shows us some very exciting full-frontal nudes.
Nicole Puzzi undresses in two sequences; in the first, she takes off her clothes in the woods, in front of a boy, while in the second she’s lying on the bed and masturbating.
The last nude sequence is played by Rosina Malbouisson and it is a long sex scene.

Nude scenes