Finalmente… le mille e una notte

Directed By: Antonio Margheriti


Finalmente… le mille e una notte is an oriental film that ranks among the decamerotics. Director Antonio Margheriti makes a respectable film, with impressive sets, thoughtful costumes and even some noteworthy special effects for the time, 1972. It’s a film split into three disconnected episodes. Sultan Almamud seems to have become impotent and cannot have sex with the beautiful Zumurud (Femi Benussi). Some people tell him spicy stories to turn him on.
In the eighth minute, Femi Benussi undresses while doing the veil dance. Three minutes later, Femi Benussi naked is in bed with a man. Another man sits beside them and narrates the first story. In this narration we can see the seductive Annie Carol Edel naked. Three minutes later, a man calls out Marie Odile Riki topless, so that she can mate with another man. In the second story, Aladdin is in love with a princess (Barbara Bouchet) and the genie of the lamp helps him to have sex with her. We can see Barbara Bouchet naked on a bed having sex with an invisible man, and eight minutes later we find her naked on a flying carpet. Nine minutes later, Femi Benussi and the sultan receive the third narrator to listen to the third story. Enter Esmeralda Barros wearing a transparent gown with nothing underneath. In the third story we find Christine Schuberth naked in a long sex scene. Also in the same story are Barbara Marzano and Elisabeth Felchner. Naked, of course.

Nude scenes