Follie di notte

Directed By: Joe D'Amato


Joe D’Amato makes his mondo movie by putting together stock footage, strips of strangers taken on the street, and some sequences shot specifically for this film.
Amanda Lear is the cicerone who takes us from one country to another and uncovers sexual habits through totally invented situations. Unfortunately, Amanda doesn’t undress, but she sings us some of her songs. There are some uncredited nude actresses in the film, which we try to identify below.
In the 19th minute, Cindy Leadbetter has sex with a man on a stone altar. The two are surrounded by members of a sodomite cult. Two minutes later Alice Gherardi proposes a weird striptease. The girl is covered with newspaper sheets, which she drops on the floor while jumping. Along with her is a man, and both have their hands tied behind their backs. When they are completely naked, the two simulate doggy-style sex. Twenty-two minutes later we spy through the keyhole of a BDSM club in Berlin. Manuella Francine Arnoult is a dominatrix sitting in an armchair, intent on masturbating. The woman gets up, whips a man, then sprays lemon juice on his wounds and finally gives him a blowjob. In another room of the club we find Paola D’Egidio naked, also as a dominatrix. Six minutes later a reporter interviews Marina Hedman. The actress plays the part of a German wife who acts in amateur porn films. Later Marina shows one of her films to the reporter, and she delights us with a well-done blowjob.

Nude scenes