The Beast in Space

Directed By: Alfonso Brescia


Tits and spaceships! Our nerd and geek friends will be glad of this batch. Plus, if we’re speaking of Sirpa Lane nude and Marina Lotar‘s boobs, the union is more interesting. La bestia nello spazio (The Beast in Space) is a work that attempts to replicate the success of two films in one combination. On the one hand, the success of La bĂȘte (The Beast), the film made by Walerian Borowczyk and starring Sirpa Lane. On the other hand, the revival of the science fiction genre thanks to Star Wars, which had been broadcast a few years earlier. In addition, director Alfonso Brescia still had sets and costumes used for some science fiction films made in the 1970s, so the choice of genre was not pondered for long. La bestia nello spazio is a staple in the genre film panorama: sex, science fiction, some western-style fisticuffs, and even a few pornographic inserts in the uncut version.
In the eighth minute, Sirpa Lane has sex with a man she met in an intergalactic bar. Three minutes later, the two are in bed. The man is lying down, Sirpa Lane is sitting topless and talking to him. Eleven minutes later Sirpa dreams that she is having sex on a lawn with a man. Also on the same lawn are Maria D’Alessandro and Marina Hedman. They too are having sex with two men. After thirty-three minutes of space battles and exploration, we find Maria D’Alessandro and Marina Hedman having sex in a living room filled with pillows and rugs. Immediately afterwards Sirpa Lane walks through the woods of her dream together with a man. In the woods is Marina Hedman who is fucking and Sirpa is also aroused and wants to have sex with the man accompanying her. Just before penetration, the man gets up and shows Sirpa his true identity. It is a kind of satyr with goat’s legs and a huge cock. In the following scene, all three actresses have sex in the meadow. There are also small hardcore clips, but they are inserted scenes done by unknown actresses. We see the three naked actresses again in the next scene, still in the room with pillows and rugs, still engaged in sex. A minute later Sirpa Lane is making out with the satyr on a bed. The man suddenly rises to his feet and slumps to the floor apparently dead. Three minutes later we see Sirpa Lane naked for the last time, in a red-light setting.

Nude scenes