Agnese e… la dottoressa di campagna

Directed By: Luigi Petrini


Two employees of a newsroom enjoy spying on colleagues while they have sex. One day they are invited to a party in a castle, where they are attacked by mysterious women and dark vampires. Don’t worry, it’s a joke from a work colleague.
Agnese e… la dottoressa di campagna is a porn movie without porn scenes. The film was never approved by the censors of the 70s and was never shown in theaters. The only existing version was released on VHS in the late 90s, with all the hard scenes cut and with the title Funny Frankenstein.
The cast is made up of some well-known names in hardcore and softcore of that period. Dominique Saint Claire opens the film with a sex scene. Soon after, Laura Levi and Nadine Roussial give us a lesbian scene. Following, are three scenes with Laura Levi. The first is a sex sequence, while the other two are self-erotic scenes, which were also used in the movie Vieni, vieni da me amore mio.
In the castle of (fake) horrors, in addition to Laura Levi and Nadine Roussial, we also find Emy Basallo and Antonella Prati.

Nude scenes