Gaga: Five Foot Two

Directed By: Chris Moukarbel


Gaga: Five Foot Two is a documentary that tells us about Lady Gaga when she’s not on a stage. Behind the scenes, we witness her work in the studio, brainstorms with her collaborators, and health and relationship issues. A very interesting look at this talented performer, which also includes some sexy moments.
In an early scene, Lady Gaga is at the pool with some of her collaborators. The woman is in a bikini, but she soon removes her bra and remains topless.
Later, Lady Gaga pulls down her jeans and shows us her ass in a thong: she has to get an injection.
A see-through T-shirt is the focus of a few quick sequences that follow, then another pair of topless a few minutes later, in an outdoor backstage area and when the artist is preparing for a Super Bowl performance.

Nude scenes