Directed By: Pasquale Fanetti


Impudicizia (AKA Games of Desire) is a film based on the short story Florentine by Guy de Maupassant. The beautiful Florentine (Malù) is a hot young woman. Frustrated by her husband’s impotence, she seeks eroticism in short, passionate adventures.
After the opening credits, the camera frames Malù sitting in front of the mirror, topless, intent on admiring herself while trying on a necklace and putting on perfume. Someone is spying on her from behind the door. Three minutes later the actress approaches a man removing her clothes. She remains completely naked except for stockings and garters. She has sexual intentions, he rejects her. After another three minutes Malù is lying in bed, naked and crying, while a woman consoles her and combs her hair. In the following scene, Malù is filmed from above. She is lying on the bed, illuminated by a strobe light hanging from the ceiling. A man removes the covers and reveals a full nude, then has sex with her. Nine minutes later, completely naked Lidija Zovkic enters a room and rubs herself against a concrete statue, then lies on another statue, horizontal, and a man caresses her body. Three minutes later Malù goes wild with a super-exciting dance in a disco. The woman massages her breasts and lifts her skirt to show black stockings and garters. After the disco, more sex, in bed, with the strobe light on the ceiling. It is a long sequence that begins with doggy-style sex, then Malù turns on her back for a missionary position. Five minutes later Malù is kneeling on the bed, wearing a dressing gown, which opens almost immediately to show a breathtaking full nude. A man sits beside her and caresses her, then begins to masturbate her. Eight minutes later, more sex under the strobe lights.

Nude scenes