Gatta alla pari

Directed By: Bruno Mattei, Gianni Cozzolino


Gatta alla pari is an Italian erotic film from 1993, written by director Ninì Grassia, but shot by Gianni Cozzolino and Bruno Mattei (uncredited). The plot is very simple: everyone fucks with everyone.
The first nude comes after the opening credits. Cristina Barsacchi is dancing naked, while slides of bodybuilders pass in front of her. An excited man spies her. She strips and masturbates. The spy masturbates, and we have the same thought.
Ten minutes later, Malù is engaged in a sex scene. She is wearing black lingerie and black stockings. The following sex scene features Tracy Kelly (uncredited in the film). Tracy is fucked in three different positions. Shortly after, Cristina Barsacchi is exchanging effusions with a man in bed, while a maid spies on them through the keyhole. A couple of minutes later Catherine Stone – also uncredited – gives the pantyhose fetishists a fabulous scene: she pulls up her skirt and shows us not to wear panties. Following a full Malù menu: Malù is naked in the bedroom, Malù is naked in the sauna, and Malù is naked during a dreamlike photo shoot. Tracy Kelly and Cristina Barsacchi are the protagonists of the following three fucks and after them, we can admire a very exciting threesome with Malù and Tracy Kelly.

Nude scenes